Week 7 First Impression- Sleep

I chose option one because I though it would be more interesting. Russell Foster’s three prominent arguments are restoration, energy conservation, brain possessing an memory conservation.

Restoration means that when we are asleep everything we use during the day we need to recover. This theory goes in and out of “style” and is in style right now.  The energy conservation Idea is not very good because the difference between calories is 10  between being awake and asleep. This is not a very valid theory. Memory processing is that when you are asleep the mind needs to sort the memories and process the days memories. The mind is three fold more effective after sleeping. Again there is not one proven reason just evidence that sleep deprivation reduces creativity and concentration. I was also particularly surprised by the fact that Ghrelin is produced if you have 5 hours of sleep of less a night. Ghrelin increases appetite.

I think the restoration and the memory conservation theories make sense. The restoration theory is logical because the brain uses a lot of energy. Recovery and rest are necessary for any muscle.

The memory processing approach argues that during the day your mind takes in so much that it needs time to sort whats important. It seems logical to me that during the night your brain would have all its energy to commit to sort through the vast amount of information. Some memories go to long term memory. The encoding process allows for later retrieval. In conclusion there is no one theory.


One thought on “Week 7 First Impression- Sleep

  1. I would agree with you that restoration and memory conservation theories seem the most believable, most likely because we have been told things that match up with those theories. We are taught from a very early age, especially from our parents, that we need to wind down and sleep at the end of the day to be energized for the next. So hearing this from a scientific perspective will naturally make sense to us, especially since it feels right to us and to our bodies: we feel recovered after a full night of sleep. As for the memory conservation theory, I know I have for sure heard this from teachers throughout high school, especially my psychology teacher. I understand your stronger belief in these two than the other would, as they make the most sense common sense wise.


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