I am a first year from Chesapeake Virginia. In high school I took two year of psychology. I took this class because my schedule was made for me, although I am glad it is in my schedule. When I hear the word psychology I think of the study why people act the way they act. These reasons of why people act the way they act may be sociocultural, biological, or cognitive.

The topics that look most interesting are mood disorder,  stereotypes and discrimination, and classifying mental illness. Disorders and mental illness are interesting interdisciplinary due to chemical imbalances or biological reasons. If stereotypes could be better understood then perhaps they could be prevented. Then classifying mental illnesses because what is and isn’t normal, are there empirical tests?  The three subjects that look least interesting are how to choose a therapist, sleep mechanics,  and why research design matters.  How to choose a therapist seems subjective to the individual therefore difficult to put to a formula. Sleep mechanics seems simple.  Lastly research design also seemly elementary. I suppose a poorly constructed experiment skews results. The question I want answered by the end of the class is how cultural relativism impacts psychological studies.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. I’m glad you brought up the issue of culture and how it relates to psychological research. This is a theme we will return to again and again over the course of the semester, so keep asking your question. Research design is an important topic, and while the basics are fairly elementary as you pointed out, small decisions can have profound impacts on the results and how we use them.


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